What You Can Do

Interested in helping A.D. make a difference? Great! Take a look at some of the programs we are working on if you haven’t already and below is a list of ways you can help out with those programs. Or, if you just want to help with the day to day operation of A.D. that is greatly appreciated too! Either way, fill out the short form below with a short message in the comment field on what you would like to do to participate. You may also donate to A.D. by clicking the “Donate” button on the right of the page. That will take you to our paypal page where you can safely and securely make your donation to A.D.

Little Hands-

Currently we are forming an Exploratory Committee for the Little Hands Co-op Daycare. We need 4-10 people for this. This committee will be made up of dedicated members enthusiastic about the idea of making Little Hands a reality and willing to commit the time needed to make this happen. In all likelihood, these people will also end up being voted onto the Board of Directors for Little Hands. SO, if you like children, or you just have a useful familiarity with:


Business Law




or anything else you feel would be useful to us, please fill out the form below.

Sauce of The Day-

Think Meals on Wheels, except for the homeless and needy.

Right now we need funding for this project. There are a few things A.D. must purchase so that we are able to follow legal guidelines on keeping food safe to eat (hotboxes, hotel pans, serving utensils, and licenses). So we need someone to help with setting up fundraisers for Sauce of The Day. We will also need people(or a person) with a truck for picking up the food and transporting it. We will need people to help box up the food and prepare it for distribution and delivery.

Coat Drive-

We need people to put up boxes around town for collection of coats and blankets and to pick up the donations regularly.

General Day to Day of A.D.

There is so much to be done behind the scenes at A.D., ANYBODY can help! If you have a computer and access to the internet you can make a huge contribution to making A.D. a success!!

You may also contact us by sending an email to info@adiutordexterum.org

Any and all personal information will be kept Strictly Confidential we WILL NOT share, sell, or do any of the annoying things that companies do when you give them your information.


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