Sauce of the Day

Photo courtesy of Lee Jeffries

Every day, TONS of food is thrown away all across the country. Food service establishments throw away food that has never even left the kitchen every night! Meanwhile, there are people right outside their back door digging through their dumpster looking for anything that can be salvaged to fill their empty stomachs.

Through Sauce of the Day, A.D. plans to: First, prevent the homeless from eating out of dumpsters and trash bins. This is unhealthy and unsafe and no one should be degraded to the point that they are so hungry they have to eat out of a dumpster. The second goal is to bring hot, safe, quality food to the homeless and needy. We will do this by establishing partnerships with local businesses and agreeing to take their leftovers rather than them throwing it out. Now, let me be clear: Sauce of the Day will NOT be accepting or handing out food that has been previously served to patrons. We will NOT be accepting or giving out what is left of the food that someone didn’t eat. And we will NOT be accepting food from the trash.

An example of where Sauce of the Day will get food: A hotel hosts a wedding and has catered food for 150 people. Only 100 people show up to the wedding. Enough food for 50 people is left sitting in a fridge or in warmers with no one to serve it to. Normally this food would be thrown away, but now Sauce of the Day will come to the hotel after the event, take the food and put it in our own warmers and refrigerators to maintain safe holding temperatures and then serve it to the homeless and hungry.

As of now, this project is still in the planning phase. If you would like to be a part of helping A.D. successfully implement Sauce of the Day please send us an email with your name, email, phone number and any other info you feel is relevant along with how/when you are able to help out.

Direct emails to

Any and all information will be kept Strictly Confidential we WILL NOT share, sell, or do any of the annoying things that companies do when you give them your information.


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