Little Hands

One of A.D’s next projects will be a Co-Op daycare (Little Hands) that will afford working single parent families (and those that are simply lacking in financial resources) an opportunity to utilize childcare that would otherwise be out of their reach

Many of the families that need childcare the most are the ones that are least able to afford it. These are working class families, single-parent families and others who just can’t afford to pay $150 per child, per week for daycare. Yet, these families need it the most, they work in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, retail; they cook, clean, trim, make beds, and they even watch other people’s children. The common thread that links all these jobs and hundreds more like them; they barely pay enough to provide for a single person nevermind a family, and the hours are usually not 9-5. They work until eleven o’clock at night, or start at three in the morning, and in many cases, they even are required to work overnight. Where are these families supposed to take their children at eleven o’clock at night, and how will they pay for it?

This is what the Little Hands hopes to address, by charging a nominal fee for those that qualify and requiring them to commit a few hours of their time every week working at the daycare under the supervision of licensed professionals, A.D. aims to bring a viable childcare solution to communities where such a thing simply does not exist. Our goal is to have (at least) one facility in various areas, strategically located throughout the city to maximize their convenience to the people who would need them the most.

Currently we are forming an Exploratory Committee for the Little Hands Co-op Daycare. We need 4-10 people for this. This committee will be made up of dedicated members enthusiastic about the idea of making Little Hands a reality and willing to commit the time needed to make this happen. In all likelihood, these people will also end up being voted onto the Board of Directors for Little Hands. SO, if you like children, or you just have a useful familiarity with:


Business Law




or anything else you feel would be useful to us, please fill out the form below.

Any and all information will be kept Strictly Confidential we WILL NOT share, sell, or do any of the annoying things that companies do when you give them your information.


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