Coat Drive

The A.D. coat and blanket drive has tasked itself with providing coats and blankets to the homeless and needy. We believe nobody should have to spend the winter shivering and wondering if they will make it through the night without getting sick or worse.

A.D. is currently working on this project, and it is the immediate focus of our attention with winter already starting to settle in. We will be approaching local businesses and posting flyers around the city to raise awareness of our campaign. We will have donation boxes set up around the city so people can conveniently drop off their new or used coats, jackets, sweaters, and blankets. A.D. will also be dedicating the bulk of donations to purchasing these items from local goodwill and salvation army thrift stores.

As of now, this project is live! If you would like to be a part of helping A.D. with our Coat and Blanket drive please send us an email with your name, email, phone number and any other info you feel is relevant along with how/when you are able to help out.

Direct emails to

Any and all information will be kept Strictly Confidential we WILL NOT share, sell, or do any of the annoying things that companies do when you give them your information.


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